Don’t need it ? Give it away

Thanks to you, people with special needs and disabilities are given the opportunity to become a part of the employment cycle, develop themselves and gain independence.

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Donation of an entire apartment’s contents

Hametzion in collaboration with Shekel offers you assistance in clearing out your apartment in case of the following:

Moving apartments // Moving into old aged home // Clearing warehouse contents // Clearing store contents // Clearing collectors apartments // Clearing of estates

We fully appreciate the fact that you came to us and decided to make a donation. Our team, together with Shekel staff and volunteers, will handle your belongings with much care, courtesy and patience. You can contact us for all types of clearing of apartments: due to relocation, inheritance, if your parents are moving to an old aged or a nursing home or in case of clearing warehouse contents. 

There are many cases in which clearing an apartment is necessary and having the option of using a professional team has many advantages. Clearing an old apartment filled with items that have been inherited, or a collector’s apartment, or moving a parent to a nursing home – all the contents must be evacuated ! How do you do that? The easiest way is to contact us.


Using a professional team to assist you with clearing out your apartment can save you a lot of time and effort and also has a large effect on the broader community and the environment


In case you are clearing your entire apartment’s contents, a representative on our behalf will come to estimate the amount of work as well as the value of the contents in order to assess whether the apartment is suitable for us to clean.


In case your contents are indeed fit to be offered for sale, we will schedule a clearing date and will deliver all the contents to our stores, so that you will become direct partners in the employment of dozens of people with special needs and disabilities.


If only part of the apartment’s contents are valuable and fit for sale, we will only collect the donations you have prepared for us according to the instructions on our website. The minimum amount for clearing is 20 boxes or large bags.


If the donation is less than 20 boxes or large bags, we invite you to bring your donations directly to one of our stores or to contribute towards transportation costs.

We would love to give you a certificate of appreciation from Shekel and the Metzion

If you don’t need it - give it to charity!