About Shekel Organisation

Shekel is Israel’s leading organisation for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the community. Founded in 1979 by the ‘Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare’, ‘The Joint’ and ‘The Jerusalem Municipality’, the organisation supports people from all sectors of Israeli society – Jews, Muslims, Christians, religious and secular, with learning and intellectual disabilities, PDD, Asperger’s Syndrome, physical and sensory disabilities, as well as those that require nursing care.

Shekel provides solutions for thousands of people each year, in the areas of independent living, vocational rehabilitation, cultural and leisure activities, therapeutic services, counselling and wheelchair accessibility.
Thanks to Shekel’s efforts, many children, teens, adults and elderly people with disabilities in Israel, are able to live a life of dignity, self-fulfilment and inclusion, as well as to integrate into the community as equal members of society.

Shekel’s Vision

When providing the right framework of employment for people with disabilities, we are enabling them to live and work in a supportive environment in which they can learn, practise and improve their social skills and work ethic. It helps them to live a life of dignity and to achieve self-fulfillment.

When donating your items to our stores or supporting our work, you become a partner in occupational training and the creation of jobs for people with special needs.

Each person receives the tools to advance themselves and progress on a rehabilitative continuum, according to their abilities, desires and self-motivation. 
The collaboration between HaMetzion and Shekel provides employment opportunities for people with special needs giving them professional assistance while sorting, organising and preparing the store for the customers. Since starting this project, we have seen the employees grow in self confidence and their communication abilities greatly improved. We believe that everyone deserves an equal chance to fulfill their abilities.

When donating to ‘Shekel’ and ‘HaMetzion ’ you help to provide equal opportunities to people with disabilities and special needs, enabling them to live a meaningful life.